About Me

"Deborah’s photos have a cinematographic touch, from the beautiful composition to the movement she knows to capture. The movement blurs out parts of the photo, leaving it up to the viewer to fill in the story – something many arthouse films succeed in as well. The monochrome colour palette and gritty edge fit the aesthetics of these images perfectly, transforming them from photos into film-stills, making them part of a bigger story." - Bleaq

February 2017: Deborah took part in an exhibition featuring 48 international female artists. The show was organised to raise money for The Global Fund for Women helping Syrian refugees. 

Exhibition: The Crypt Gallery, London. From the 14th of Feb - 6th of March.

July 2016: Deborah was one of the artists to make an art installation for Knockanstockans Art Trail. 

October 2015: Deborah collaborated with Footwear Designer and Architect Sandra Plantos. Their film was nominated for Nick Knights Show Studio Award. 







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